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TIME AND TALENT AUCTION: Saturday, May 25th (New Time!), 2pm-5pm. Potluck Dessert, Coffee, Tea and Cold drinks. This is a fun and significant fundraiser for the ministries for our church, where parishioners contribute events, items, and talents, and put them up for auction. Please sign up downstairs with your Time or Talent by Sunday May 19th to allow time to preparation of the booklet.

For our new fun feature “The Bottle Pull”, we invite participants to enter by making a contribution of $10 plus the donation of an interesting bottled item, such as wine, vinegar, oil, bubble bath, etc. On the afternoon of the auction players will have a chance to try their luck at pulling an intriguing bottle. For more information contact Kathy Chaplin, Leslie Kieswetter or Vivienne Cudlipp.

THE ELECTION OF THE NEXT PRIMATE OF THE ANGLICAN CHURCH OF CANADA will take place on July 13. The nominees are: Bishop Jane Alexander (Edmonton), Archbishop Ron Cutler (Nova Scotia & PEI), Archbishop Gregory Kerr-Wilson (Calgary), Bishop Linda Nicholls (Huron), Bishop Michael Oulton (Ontario).

THE HOUSE OF BISHOPS asks that we engage in prayer for the upcoming gathering of General Synod this summer.

Almighty and everliving God, source of all wisdom and understanding, be present with those who take counsel in General Synod for the renewal and mission of your Church. Teach us in all things to seek first your honour and glory. Guide us to perceive what is right, and grant us both the courage to pursue it and the grace to accomplish it; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
Guide, we beseech thee, Almighty God, by the light of thy Holy Spirit, the counsels of the Bishops, Clergy, and Laity who will assemble in General Synod; that thy Church may dwell in peace, and fulfil all the mind of him who loved it and gave himself for it, thy Son our Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.

DONATIONS FOR OUR FOOD CUPBOARD: for the month of April we are focussing on collecting canned meat. Thank you for your support of this ministry. (We still welcome donations of other food and cleaning items.)

ST. ANDREW’S WINTER COFFEE TOUR has completed its jaunt across our community. The most popular gathering was at the City Cafe Bakery at Ottawa & Charles. For now we will be returning to our usual hangout: the Tim Hortons inside the Ottawa & Strasburg Zehrs, Tuesdays from 8:00 AM to 9:30 AM. Any changes will be communicated in the bulletin.

BISHOP’S PRAYER CONFERENCE: “The Role of Imagination in Prayer: The Exercises of Ignatius of Loyola,” led by Bishop Linda Nicholls. Saturday, May 4 at St. Jude’s Anglican Church (1537 Adelaide St. N., London).

MONICA PLACE is looking for a new board member. The board is an active one, and this would include involvement on one or more subcommittees, so expect three meetings per month. If you are interested, contact the church office for more details.

WORLD VISION GLOBAL 6K FOR WATER: A six km walk with 100% of raised funds going toward water projects in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Saturday, May 25, starting at Victoria Park. Registration info to come, but the organizers are also looking for VOLUNTEERS: registration, fruit/water distribution, cheer station, course guides, finish line, face painting. Interested? Contact Mark Kitzman:, 519-222-3263

COFFEE, CONVERSATION, AND COMMUNITY: Thursdays from 1:00 – 3:00 PM at the Mill Courtland Community Centre. Free! Drop by sometime to meet our neighbours.

HURON CHURCH CAMP: Register online at
Bursary support is available. For more information contact or call 519-434-6893 ext 217.

ENSURE THAT YOU KEEP RECEIVING THE ANGLICAN JOURNALENSURE THAT YOU KEEP RECEIVING THE ANGLICAN JOURNAL. Subscribers must confirm their subscription by email or mail. Please write to or Anglican Journal, 80 Hayden St., Toronto, ON M4Y 3G2, including the following info: a) name, b) address, c) email address, d) phone number, e) church name, f) ID # (if you have it available, on the front page mailing label). Unconfirmed subscriptions will be stopped in June. If you do not currently have The Anglican Journal to your home, please mention this to Fr. Matt.

THE CHALICE BEARERS had a productive meeting on February 3rd following the service. If you’re interested in taking part in this important part of our Sunday liturgy, please mention this to one of them, or to one of our clergy. The following points brought up at the recent meeting, which could be of relevance to the wider congregation:
– The new intinction chalice is shallow to help prevent fingers from dipping into the wine. Please make a small “up and down” dip to avoid having your fingers touch the wine. Holding the wafer in place for a moment will allow more wine to be absorbed into it.
– For those who drink from the common cup, it is helpful if you use one hand to gently hold the base of the chalice, and provide guidance as to how much wine you would like. The chalice bearer will hold the chalice flexibly and let you tilt it.
– Our theology holds that Christ is sacramentally present in both the consecrated bread and wine. You may (especially for health reasons) choose to consume only the bread or only the wine, while still trusting that you are receiving the fullness of the eucharist.
– You are welcome to bow or gently touch the base of the chalice as a sign of reverence, if not drinking from the cup.

BISHOP NICHOLLS is recommending a resource for those who are interested in delving more deeply into our scriptures: By connecting to this website each day, you’ll read the Bible in one year. Consider this as we approach a new calendar year.

SMALL LEAFLETS FOR OUR NEIGHBOURHOOD FOOD CUPBOARD are available on the back tables of the worship space. Consider taking a few to hand out to those whom you meet who might be in need of some assistance.

FIRST FRIDAY EUCHARIST: a simple, short, and solemn communion service from 7:30 AM to 8:00 AM on the first Friday of each month. Join us on Friday, December 7 on the memorial of Ambrose, Bishop of Milan.

MID-DAY PRAYER: on the second Monday of each month from 12:00 to 12:30 PM, where we hear readings, offer prayers, and specially remember those who have asked to be upheld in our parish intercessions and telephone prayer chain. All are welcome, and bring a brown bag lunch if you’d like to stay for a bit afterward. The next service is on Monday, December 10.

KEEP UP TO DATE WITH PARISH EVENTS by checking out the new calendar posted in Janke Hall. You’ll find listings for upcoming services, meetings, study group opportunities, and more.

SCHEDULES WITH DETAILS FOR UPCOMING SERVICES are posted to the bulletin board in the side hallway near the sacristy. Readers and leaders of the prayers of the people are encouraged to take a copy.

THE ALTAR GUILD has an important ministry in setting up and cleaning up before and after or liturgies, and they could use two or three new members. Our coffee hour schedule could also use two or three new teams, as we deeply value our post-liturgy fellowship. These ministries are open to both men and women, and everything is very learnable. If you are interested, or would like some more detail, contact the church office: 519-743-0911 or

THE ANGLICAN MINISTRY AT THE GRAND VALLEY INSTITUTION FOR WOMEN is growing! We are hoping to continue with a monthly eucharist, but add prayer services on the other weeks, at 2:00 PM. This small team would be led by Cheryl Highmore of Trinity Anglican Church in Cambridge. If you are interested in learning more, please speak to Fr. Matt.

COMMUNITY POTLUCK with Member of Parliament Raj Saini, the first Sunday of every month from 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM. A casual gathering in which we are invited to bring some food to share, and meet with other members of the community, and our MP. 209 Frederick Street (enter via the back door).

DO WE HAVE YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS, for periodic parish-related communication? If not, or if you’re not sure, please contact the office. We’d like to send out the occasional event notification, and have e-mail addresses on hand in the event of cancellations.

EXPLORING THE BIBLE DISCUSSION GROUP meets Wednesday mornings from 10:00 – 11:30 in Janke Hall. This is a time of sharing opinions and thoughts as we attempt to decipher how the upcoming Sunday’s readings fit into today’s world. It is a time of companionship, tea and more than a few laughs. Biblical knowledge isn’t needed as we don’t try to figure out what was meant in those times so much as how it applies to now. All are welcome to join us in our journey. Information: John & Kay Baxter, 519-954-1144

OUR OFFICIAL FACEBOOK PAGE ( If you have a Facebook account, help spread the word about our wonderful community by “liking” our page, or “sharing” posts with your Facebook friends.The page is also accessible to those who do not have Facebook accounts.

SIGN UP FOR FLORAL DONATIONS/MEMORIALS using the poster affixed to the main doors to the worship space. You might find this to be a meaningful way to remember a loved one, or give thanks for a blessing in your life. You can request the use of our own silk flowers (with a donation of an amount of your choosing going to the church), or that fresh flowers be ordered (with your donation covering their cost).

HALL FOR RENT Our parish hall is available for rent to members and their friends for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Showers and any other social event requiring a large meeting space. Rates are very reasonable and the kitchen may also be used. Please note, if any non-parishioners will be attending, a separate fee of $54 will be required for insurance purposes. For inquiries or reservations please call the church office. (519 743-0911).

MILK BAGS Believe it or not, those 4 litre bags hosting 3 11/3 litre milk bags are actually useful; an Anglican Church in Grand Bend is knitting them into sleeping mats. So, keep bringing them in! And if you have anything else that you think might be useful, or helpful, ask one of the clergy; you might be surprised how your waste is someone else’s treasure.

PARISH PRAYER CHAIN: Would you find prayer helpful, either for yourself or someone you know? A devoted group of parishioners remember specific prayer requests in their daily devotions. If you have a situation for which you’d like prayer, call the church office at (519) 743-0911.

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