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St. Andrew’s Memorial Anglican ChurchImage00001Image00001

275 Mill Street, Kitchener, ON    N2M 3R4

 Tel.: (519) 743-0911
email:; Facebook:


Our Regular Sunday Services – Additional Services Below

  8:00am Said Holy Communion Book of Common Prayer
10:00am Choral Holy Eucharist Book of Alternative Services (Contemporary Language, p. 185)


Additional Services

Lent, Holy Week, and Easter Services  
in Lent
10:00am Morning Prayer
(With Emphasis on Praying the Psalms)
St. Andrew’s
in Lent
Holden Evening Prayer
St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church
in Lent
7:10pm Compline
(Night Prayer at the End of Day)
St. Andrew’s
Maundy Thursday
Mar 29, 2018
8:00pm The Maundy Thursday Liturgy
(Washing of Feet, Institution of the Holy Eucharist,
Stripping of the Chancel)
St. Andrew’s
Good Friday
Mar 30, 2018
10:00am The Solemn Liturgy of Good Friday St. Andrew’s
Easter Even
Mar 31, 2018
7:00pm The Great Vigil of Easter
(Celebrant & Preacher: The Bishop of Huron)
St. George’s Kitchener
Easter Sunday
Apr 1, 2018
8:00am Easter Holy Communion
(Book of Common Prayer)
St. Andrew’s
10:00am Easter Choral Holy Eucharist
(Book of Alternative Services)
St. Andrew’s
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