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Time & Talent Auction Details

We are looking for donations of “Time, Talent, and Treasure”. Examples:

Offers of light labour like raking leaves, driving to airport or medical appointments, etc.
Computer consulting, gardening consulting, and similar offers of skills.
Baking, cookies, cooking dinner, tailoring to order (you supply materials), and so on
Special social events (the notorious “Pool Party” is just one possibility!
Simply, material goods, either new or gently used, Examples are kitchen or garden tools, knitting/crocheting, purses, luggage, backpacks, anything that you are not using or needing, but that might be useful for others.

All of these may be auctioned, put into a silent auction, or raffled, at the discretion of the organizers.

In addition to the above we are introducing two new fundraising games this year:

Gift Card Mash-up
If you wish to participate, bring $5 in cash and a gift card with a $10 value for any business you choose (eg. Timmies or the like, any local mall, grocery store).
Bring your card in an envelope; feel free to decorate it but be subtle (or devious) about giving away information on what’s inside.
The $5 entry fee is a contribution to the Church, and you get to pick any of the envelopes (the order of picking will be randomized) giving you a gift card to a mystery location!

Heads and Tails
Envelopes will be on each table. To participate put any amount ($1 to $50) into an envelope as a donation to the Church.
For each turn in the game, put your hands on your head or on your hips (tail). Then a coin is flipped, and if your hands match the coin toss remain standing, if not sit down.
This continues until only one person is standing, who wins a prize. (One obvious rule that will be enforced is that at any turn the remaining participants cannot all choose heads or tails.)

  • St. Andrew’s Church (neigbourhood)

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  • St. Andrew’s Church (greater Kitchener)

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