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Anglican Links

Diocese of HuronThe official website of the Anglican Diocese of Huron contains updates from the Bishop and Diocesan staff, and news of importance to parishioners across the Diocese, and tools and information for Churchwardens, Treasurers and clergy.

Anglican Church of CanadaThe website of the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada contains most of the resources and information of interest to Canadian Anglicans. There are also links to relevant external resources and organizations.
The Anglican Journal is the national newspaper of the Anglican Church of Canada. It is published 10 times a year and carries 23 regional newspapers that provide important local information for Anglican dioceses. The website contains daily news of interest to Anglicans across Canada and around the world.
The Anglican CommunionThe Anglican Communion website is the gateway to the organizational structures of the world-wide network of national churches with historic roots in the Church of England. Today the Communion consists of 38 autonomous national and regional Churches plus six Extra Provincial Churches and dioceses; of which are in Communion – in a reciprocal relationship – with the Archbishop of Canterbury, who is the Communion’s spiritual head.
Anglicans OnlineAnglicans Online is the unofficial gateway to all things Anglican, and beyond. It is your source of information beyond Churches in the Anglican Communion (for which see The Anglican Communion website), but also Churches in Communion with the Anglican Communion, and Churches Not in the Communion which are nevertheless, in some sense, Anglican. Confusing to navigate, it is still the best resource for information about Anglicanism world-wide.

Other Links

The Holy SeeThe Holy See is the Vatican website. While offering contemporary Roman Catholic News and documents, it is also a gateway to the Vatican’s treasures, libraries, and art collections. It offers webcams, and picture galleries and virtual tours of chapels and other sites of interest. The Vatican libraries offer scans of original documents, and the Vatican museums are partially view-able. However, much of this vast site is “under construction” or being repaired, and broken links and sudden language changes are common. The site is an invitation to exploration and the loss of time, but often rewards persistence.

Virtual JerusalemVirtual Jerusalem is a gateway to all things Judaism. While it may not answer every question you have ever had about Jewish history, life, customs, holidays, it will come close. It also offers a particular Israeli view of contemporary news, entertainment, and life in general.

See the Holy LandSee the Holy Land is an exhaustive (and possibly exhausting) virtual visit to the Holy Land, and while it concentrates on sites of particular importance to Christians, it does not neglect Jewish and Muslim holy places. The descriptions and discussions are respectful of scholarship, by offering not just biblical sources, but also academic references for the claims made. And, while the majority of the site is devoted to Israel, there are also references to sites in Jordan and Egypt. There are also some useful extras, such as historical timelines and an extensive bibliography. And for anyone planning an independent Holy Land visit, opening times and other details for the various sites would be very useful.

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