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Our parish has a long and rich musical tradition. We have been blessed with many gifted musicians and vocalists who add to the richness and diversity of our worship.

The first Rector of St. Andrew’s was an accomplished organist and musician, and from those early years the bar for musical excellence was set high.

Gillian Inksetter_cropOur Organist and Musical Director is Gillian Inksetter. Gillian brings an abundance of creativity and enthusiasm to our worship. She is passionate about singing together, in worship and elsewhere, as a form of deepening our spiritual lives, and bringing us closer to God and each other. She loves singing with children, because they haven’t yet been scared away from their voices. Gillian plays a wide variety of musical instruments, primarily using the organ and piano at St. Andrew’s.

Born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin, Gillian moved to Ontario in 2000. Since then she has served as music director at 5 churches across the province. When she’s not practicing with the choir or playing on Sundays, she works as a psychotherapist. In her spare time, her favourite thing to do is teach and sing shape-note music.

We have an adult choir and a small youth-choir, both of whom give excellent leadership. Occasionally the Sunday School children prepare an anthem to offer in our worship. We have enjoyed the offerings of a variety of instruments (from flutes, saxophones, and violins, to kettle drums and trombones).

New members are always welcome in the choir. All that is required is a love of singing.

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